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Rooms and Suites at the Pestana Viking Hotel

All rooms at the Pestana Viking have private balconies, a fantastic feature that allows you to make the most of the atmosphere felt around this hotel.

Classic Room - These classic rooms have either a garden, a side sea view or a sea view from their private balcony. The marble walled bathrooms lend these rooms an extra air of sophistication. These rooms are equipped with air conditioning, satellite TV, Internet connection, telephone, voice-mail, mini-bar, in-room safe and a hair dryer.

Superior Room - These more spacious rooms overlook the gorgeous sea on the horizon. Their private balcony is an ideal place to admire the Algarve’s calm surroundings. You’ll find a fully equipped bathroom with a hair dryer, in addition to satellite TV, Internet connection (at a low-cost), air conditioning, a telephone with a voice-mail system, mini-bar and an in-room safe.

Suite - This suite has a separate living area separate from the spacious and comfortable bedroom. The balcony overlooks the wonderful sea and garden views that this enviable location provides. The clean cut bathroom with hairdryer, satellite TV, Internet connection (at a small cost), a telephone and voice-mail, a mini-bar, an in-room safe and air conditioning all add to the high-quality of this room.

Superior Suite - This large, spacious suite allows for you to truly enjoy the comfort of these rooms. The soft colours that decorate this Superior Suite perfectly combine with nature outside that is brought into the room through its large windows and balcony. It is fully equipped with all the great amenities of all the other rooms, with a homelike feel.

Suite T2 - This room is more like your own two-bedroom apartment in one of the most beautiful locations of the Algarve. With two separate bedrooms and a living area, you will be able to enjoy incredible amounts of space and comfort during your stay in this room. All this, combined with the fantastic amenities found within the room, will make you feel welcomed and at home.